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Styling for Sale

Looking to sell your home and have it ready for market.  Herringbone House will help you make that great first impression.

Let us reset, refresh and help prospective home buyers visualise themselves in your home.

Styling for sale can help you achieve additional 5% - 10% of your final sale price.

Full Style - we will bring in all furniture, decor, artwork and soft furnishings.  A complete new look for your property's sale campaign.

Partial Style - we may use some of your furniture or most of it.  We will then restyle your property with our decor, artwork, and soft furnishings.  Durning our consultation we can assess which of your items can be used in the campaign.

We are affordable. You can talk to us about payment plans. 

Home Styling

We can  help you restyle your home.    Or a specific room. 

We will produce a mood board, make recommendation on up cycling existing pieces and source furniture, cushions, artwork, lighting that will bring your vision to life.

Private styling is charged per hour.